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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable
content of a page when looking at its layout.

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable
content of a page when looking at its layout.

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India's first B2C Real Estate Portal

First time in India. World's #1 Technology used in Real Estate Portal :) MOST ADVANCED SOFTWARE FOR POSTING PROJECT/PROPERTY Free Advertising portals, our posting get listed 3.7 times faster in search engines compare to any other Real Estate Portal in India

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Why we are India’s first and probably the only B2C Real Estate Portal (B2C means Business to Customer)

Go to any real estate portal and try to contact any listing which is not posted by user but the website. You will find these listing easily by clicking on real estate companies’ profile where the portal website mentions about developer and/or project. You will have no contact information about the builder or project. You will be directed to website itself. This is clear indication that the websites/portals are collecting user’s data. And if they are not selling or using it for their own brokerage business than why are they collecting the information. If your company is listed in one of these websites just try to remember how many times you were contacted by these website that they receive any enquiry for your project or about your company. Posting your business or listing in a website those work as mediator is always risky for you. They may sell your data to other agents (here you can feel happy that these agents bring business to you only) but the chances are very high that they sell your data to your competitors in exchange of their sponsorship package where they assure a number of leads if you buy a specific advertisement package. Don’t be happy for free advertisement where so many web portals list your company to drive more traffic and generate keyword. These free listing may cause you lose your valuable leads. Above information is basic market observation and a user must verify things before believing them. We are not putting allegation to any website or portal. The above statement is only to justify how we are India’s first and only B2C If a listing is posted by user in our portal than they may collect data by posting other projects. We do ask for undertaking while they post it in our portal but if you find anyone who is not authorized to sell your property is selling or offering in the market you may report it with us. If you find your posting in other portals you decide what is best for you. Stealing leads through digital medium is very common practice from years. Where a developer feels that his product is advertised by other portals and other users free of cost and giving him publicity. But any traffic which is generated not into your website or other websites where you don’t have control on the users what they are looking for is actually diverting leads to some other projects or different businesses. A clean example to follow: you are listed in a leading portal from 5 years. That portal is also giving option to contact builder or generate inquiry to the user who is interested. And you receive no contact from the builder. Many question many answers. With rezdex.com you can assure yourself that we do not control any communication between user and the company if posted by us in our portal. If you find your property is posted by other users those are not authorized by you than please write to us with full credentials and we will support you not to lose your

Ads Locations

REZDEX provided you a ads location section where you can add your desired locations there is no limit for the locations so do it as you would like to.

The Best Online Realty Search Engine

Rezdex.com is most advanced GEO search platform, secure buyer seller platform to find residential, commercial, and agriculture deals for rent or outright sale. state of the art web platform innovated specially for the need of property buying, selling, renting, leasing...............


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