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About Us is probably India’s first Real Estate B2C  online Platform, this state of the art digital experience designed for home buyers in a way that every individual can explore and connect directly to the seller who matches individual’s requirement.

Irony of the Real Estate Industry is that it is assumed that over 90% home buyers are first time buyers and they don’t understand technicality of the trade. in REZDEX a user need not to investigate at his own end but can directly contact seller without disclosing his identity. we have highly encrypted end to end messaging system which makes every communication safe between buyer and seller. You can easily understand if  you have used any other real estate portal either as a buyer or seller.

What We Stand for?

IF you are using as a seller; you can ensure safety of your lead. We don’t have any brokerage ARM who uses lead generated for different projects. We don’t assure any lead so we don’t have any pressure to fulfil the numbers by sending dummy enquiry. A seller totally depends on how lucrative his offer is. Yes we do have option of Premium listing where a seller can flash his Listing at prominent places of our portal.

How a listing works in

A seller is not depending on how a listing is placed by even if it is a simple free listing, Every listing is unique and have ability to searched by all major search engines. if you have any doubt that you can post similar posting in all major Realty Portals including and test if yourself. Where other platform create a path for users and direct the search with multiple direction in a listing is directly searched on the merit. Search engines will treat you as individual page (like your own website page).

  • Create an attractive title for your property. give crisp information (don’t flood information which makes no sense for initial scrutiny).
  • Keep in touch with the buyer through personal messaging.
  • Don’t jump on asking personal details i.e. mobile number of email id untill a buyer himself wants to share with you.
  • Earn trust of a buyer before offering him final deal.
  • Make a communication platform and keep all communcation as reference of the deal.
  • Be clear in all communication and use its reference for closing the deal.
  • Please keep safe your password of REZDEX,com and keep changing it regularly.
  • Your risk of loosing data generated through increase if it is handled by multiple user.

We offer Commercial Services too?

Although their is no limit for number of listing to any user, and everything depends on creativity of a user. we offer services of premium advertising and also if you want we to open your account and manage your listings (only uploading your data), you can hire us buy paying for our services.

if you have technical staff than no need to pay, keep enjoying world’s most advance B2C platform of Real Estate business

Note: even we can upload data for you, we will not keep any access to your message board (i.e. enquiries) so you need to learn how to handle your customers if you don’t want your lead to filter down. or loose your deal to your competitors those don’t hesitate to use corrupt practices.

Disclaimer: keeping information updated and securing data is complete responsibility of Seller. A buyer is advised not to share personal details without verifying credentials of seller.